Confessional by Jack Higgins

Confessional Book CoverThe Liam Devlin character is quite special in a way that he is not everywhere in the book and rather the author gives each and every character in a chance to be in the book and do justice to the story. At the end of this book I felt pity towards the bad guy and I must admit I kind of started liking him. He was the one who was in the book everywhere rather than the main character. Always three steps ahead of Devlin, he finally died but even then he won in a sense.

The story is very simple and strong and it keeps moving smoothly, always binding the user and wanting to finish it quickly. Devlin once again agreed to work for British in order to find a hidden KGB moul somewhere in Ireland who was disrupting the peace activities between IRA and British and always creating chaos. The chase started in Dublin and ended in Canterburry.

I would give three stars out of five.

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