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Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness – A relation established

In the beginning there was classical mechanics propounding the corpuscular theory of matter and describing the motion of bodies under the influence of a system of forces. But this classical mechanics fails to describe the motion of sub-atomic particles and then Quantum … Continue reading

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On The Origin of The Universe and Consciousness

Man has always been a curious creature. This curiosity has led to various questions and which in turn have led to answers in the form of discoveries. One of the thought which has always occupied the human beings is the … Continue reading

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Is statistics always right, how do you measure the development?

Sometimes by looking at various statistics being published at various places about India becoming a (so called?) developed country, I am compelled to think that are these statistics reflecting the true Indian progress…..

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Gandhiji’s view on western civilization

A journalist once asked the late Gandhiji what he thought of the western civilization. Gandhiji replied: *”Western Civilization? I think it would be a good idea!” Gandhiji described the whole of western civilization as the “Kingdom of Satan” which pollutes … Continue reading

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Solaris, OpenSolaris and GNU/Solaris – What’s in the name

I always wanted to try my hands on to Open Solaris since the day Sun announced that it is making its Solaris operating system open source. I had worked with Soalris 2.6 (read Solaris 6) and Solaris 2.8 (read Solaris … Continue reading

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