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Using Telegram for Automation Using Python Telethon Module

Telegram is a cloud based messaging application which provides an excellent set of APIs to allow developers to automate on top of the platform. It is increasingly being used to automate various notifications and messages. It has become a platform … Continue reading

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Adding Custom Python Packages for AWS Lambda Functions

Python is a popular language along with Javascript (NodeJS) for writing AWS lambda functions. Lambda function written in Python support the core modules, so one may choose to use the http.client instead of much simpler requests. However, if the function … Continue reading

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Get Oracle XE-ORDS-APEX Up and Running Quickly with Ansible

Oracle APEX is a rapid application development tool and from what I have seen its quite powerful. Clubed together with ORDS, it is a powerful tool to develop enterprise applications which are highly scalable.
I wrote an ansible playbook, which will quickly setup the entire stack. Read to find more. Continue reading

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Upgrading Raspbian 8 (Jessie) to Raspbian 9 (Stretch)

I decided to upgrade my oldest Raspberry Pi to the latest Raspbian. Since I was two releases behind, I decided to do it step-by-step. Today I updated from 8 – 9. I plan. to perform similar steps to upgrade 9 … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi – rsyslog fixes on Raspbian 8 (Jessie)

One of my Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2) is running quite old versio of Rasbian – although fully updated and patched. Today while checking the syslog on my raspberry pi, I noticed the following error which was … Continue reading

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