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Apt Pinning in Raspbian

Quite sometime back I wrote a blog entry on apt-pinning to mix multiple repositories in debian and prioritize them. Recently, I felt the need to do the same on my raspberry pi. I use rsnapshot to backup remote systems. Rsnapshot … Continue reading

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Ansible Quirks – 4

I was installing ansible on OpenSuSE Leap 42.3 machine and faced a problem with multiple python versions. I have both python 2.7 and python 3.4 installed on this machine. Python 2.7 is the default one. I tried installed ansible with … Continue reading

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Running Oracle 11g Release 2 ( XE in Docker Container

In DockerCon2017 Oracle announced the availability of Oracle containers in the docker hub. This was a great step forward. I have been thinking of trying Oracle in docker from quite a while for some personal projects, but was not finding … Continue reading

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Connecting to Oracle Database over SSH using SQLDeveloper 4.1

As a system administrator, I try to follow the principle of least privilege (minimal privilege). Therefore, in the systems I install, I block all incoming and outgoing ports by default and open only when needed. While setting up Oracle XE … Continue reading

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Ansible Quirks – 3

I was running some playbook today and realise that the command line arguments of ansible-playbook do not behaves expected. My playbook has the following defined – remote_user: root When I issued the following command, my expectation was that the remote … Continue reading

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