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Expanding HardDisk of VirtualBox Guest

VirtualBox is a beautiful piece of virtualisation software created for users, first acquired by Sun and then by Oracle as a part of Sun acquisition. I have been using VirtualBox for quite a few testing projects, however until today have … Continue reading

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Solaris10 on VirtualBox

I installed Solaris10 11/06 on VirtualBox 1.5.6 OSE. The first problem immediately after installation I faced was that of mouse not being captured by virtual machine. So I open a terminal window and start the vold and then ran the … Continue reading

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Interconnecting QEMU and VirtualBox Virtual Machines

Sometime back I came across VirtualBox, an excellent replacement for commercial Vmware. I installed few OSes in VirtualBox and found the performance pretty good. In my opinion the performance of Windows virtual machines is much better in VirtualBox, perhaps because … Continue reading

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