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RPi – Static IP Address on Wifi

There is a GUI tool in the desktop called “wpa_gui” which can be used to connect to the wireless network provided you have a supported wireless card attached to the RPi. However, if I want to run a headless RPi … Continue reading

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Creating VPNs with OpenVPN

Introduction A VPN is a set of tools which allow networks at different locations to be securely connected, using a public network as the transport layer. A VPN produces a virtual “dedicated circuit” over the internet and use cryptography to … Continue reading

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Changing the IP Address of a Solaris System

Use ifconfig to change the IP address immediately ifconfig If the new IP address calls for a different gateway then change it using the route command: route add default route del default Change the hosts’s IP address in /etc/hosts file … Continue reading

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Setting up SNMP

SNMP is Simple Network Management Protocol. It allows the operational statistics of a computer to be stored in object identifiers (OIDs) which can then be remotely queried and changed. For any serious remote monitoring, SNMP is required. I generally prefer … Continue reading

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NIC Bonding

NIC Bonding is a technique in which multiple Network Interface Cards (NICs) are logically bonded together and presented as a single interface to the outside world. Before activating bonding it is recommended that the NICs are working alright. mii-tool can … Continue reading

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