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Apt Pinning in Raspbian

Quite sometime back I wrote a blog entry on apt-pinning to mix multiple repositories in debian and prioritize them. Recently, I felt the need to do the same on my raspberry pi. I use rsnapshot to backup remote systems. Rsnapshot … Continue reading

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RPi – Static IP Address on Wifi

There is a GUI tool in the desktop called “wpa_gui” which can be used to connect to the wireless network provided you have a supported wireless card attached to the RPi. However, if I want to run a headless RPi … Continue reading

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Creating a DEB package for Oracle Java

Linux based operating systems comes by default with Open JDK installations. Often it is necessary for various developmental needs to install the Oracle Java. Oracle only supplies two installations of Java for Linux based operating systems – a rpm and … Continue reading

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Locale Problems in Debian and Ubuntu

Recently I have been facing some issues with locales in Debian and Ubuntu based Xen based virtual servers. These typically appear while running the man command and apt-get or dpkg commands.

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Configuring ALSA On Debian Sarge

I needed to configure ALSA on Sarge because I wanted to use Ekiga Softphone and although it supports OSS but the support is not good. It was fairly straight forward process to do that: ajitabhp@fimbles:~$ sudo apt-get install libesd-alsa0 \ … Continue reading

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