Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat

business doctors book coverBusiness Doctors is a debut book by Sameer Kamat, who is the founder of a top MBA admissions consulting firm and also writes about book publishing in India.

The story line is uniquely based around using the principles of management in underworld. Yes you read it right, “underworld”.

For the folks in the underworld, the illegal work they do is business for them. And like every business there are ups and downs there also. While the business is on a downside it  may need help from business consultants, who are supposed to indicate the gaps in processes, people and revenue lines and potentially suggest remedial action items.

This book revolves around WFB a.k.a Woody Family Business which is running from three generations and is now seriously impacted by the recession and entry of new players (or so the boss thinks). He called in a consultant Schneider to help him revive his business. Schneider understands the business and presents the gaps in the same and also help Mr Woody hire appropriate talent by helping them in breaking the jail and thus spending 6 million dollars in the process. Angie, wife of Mr Woody played a very important part in all this action.

Overall the storyline was one of a kind, with a simple writing style and keeps the reader interested throughout. There was a place where I felt the sentence had a typo (don’t remember the page number though, but a grammar check in word processing software should pick that up). And I must say the climax was something which came as a little surprise to me. While the author has taken his time for various phases in the story line, the last 20 or so pages demanded a little bit more and the climax could have been wrapped up nicely. I was feeling that something was missing when the book came to a sudden end. The cover design and fonts could have been a little better and catchy.

Disclaimer – I received a review copy from the author and my review is not biased by that fact.

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