Is statistics always right, how do you measure the development?

Sometimes by looking at various statistics being published at various places about India becoming a (so called?) developed country, I am compelled to think that are these statistics reflecting the true Indian progress…..

For example, according to some reports recently published some time back, India has around 50 crores of telephones which means one phone per two people. But is it true? Quite a lot of people keep more than one phones, some even has 6-7 phones. According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) there are 47.1 crores mobile subscribers in the country and 3.7 crore landlines. Does the number of increasing mobiles have anything to do with progress of the country?

The number of people below the line of poverty is still increasing. Villages are getting destroyed to give way to ever expanding towns and cities. In the name of SEZ (Special Economic Zone) furtile agriculture land is being destroyed. If all agricultural land will be turned in to industrial lands, where will we grow food which we all eat.

This is not development, but destruction. Its high time that we educated Indians start raising these issues and concerns and educate the general public about this.

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