Einstein’s Universe

Einstein's Universe Book CoverAn excellent book written for ordinary people who want to understand about Einstein’s ideas on universe. Written in a very simple language and no mathematics. The author has successfully explained the complex concept of Special Theory of Relativity and General Theory of Relativity.

However, the book only covers Einstein’s view on the Universe and as it is clearly known that Universe can be better explained together with Relativity and Quantum Theory, the universe can not be explained. Einstein never accepted the quantum theory and hence this book does not mention much about quantum theory.

In close to four decades since this book was published first time (first published in 1979), a lot has transpired in the field of quantum theory including the very recent discovery at CERN of God particles (Bosons traveling faster than light) (experiments are still going on).

Nevertheless this book is still worth a read for every Relativity fan.

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