Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing Book CoverWeb London is the only survivor of the Charlie group of FBIs Hostage Rescue Team which was all wiped out in a drug raid. The story revolves around what happens in Web’s life after that incident. Determined to find the culprit, Web was struggling with personal psychological problems and also suspicions from his own FBI, he decided to take professional help from a psychiatrist. In the process lot of interesting events unfolded including Web’s previous visits to another psychiatrist and his undergoing hypnosis.

The climax was somewhat unexpected and the actual culprit came as a surprise to me. However, I feel that it may have been presented in a better way to gain some interest from the user. Lots of different scenarios keep on switching very fast and often the traction from the main plot was lost sometime. Some of the characters perhaps were not necessary as I was not able to understand the role they played and significant number of pages were wasted on them.

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