The Oath of the Vayuputras (Shiva Trilogy #3)

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Oath of The Vayuputras

‘Ooath of the Vayuputras’ was a different book from the first two parts of the trilogy. This book has less of an action but more of discussions about good and evil. The author has done quite good historical research as well to link the Jorastrians with ancient Indian culture. I must say that the one thing which disappointed me is the way the plot took the turn from part two. Till part two the author was able to bind the readers and keep the interest. The reader was curious as to what will be happening next and what is the “Ooath of the Vayuputras”, but the author has not been able to bind the readers in this book. I found mysefl skipping the discussion about Good and Evil and at several other places.

There is a growing number of next gen Indian Authors coming up with plots based on the ancient Indian historical backgrounds mixed with latest researches, with one thing in common – they all are getting carried away in philosopy and sprituality.

In this book, if the author would have kept this novel purely as an action novel with some battle strategies etc then it would have been great end to a wonderful start. Neverthless I am giving it three stars as this is the first work by the author and writing a trilogy in the first work is an achievement in itself. I am sure the next books will follow the continual improvement.

All the best Amish.

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