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Is statistics always right, how do you measure the development?

Sometimes by looking at various statistics being published at various places about India becoming a (so called?) developed country, I am compelled to think that are these statistics reflecting the true Indian progress…..

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Gandhiji’s view on western civilization

A journalist once asked the late Gandhiji what he thought of the western civilization. Gandhiji replied: *”Western Civilization? I think it would be a good idea!” Gandhiji described the whole of western civilization as the “Kingdom of Satan” which pollutes … Continue reading

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Solaris, OpenSolaris and GNU/Solaris – What’s in the name

I always wanted to try my hands on to Open Solaris since the day Sun announced that it is making its Solaris operating system open source. I had worked with Soalris 2.6 (read Solaris 6) and Solaris 2.8 (read Solaris … Continue reading

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