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Connecting to Oracle Database over SSH using SQLDeveloper 4.1

As a system administrator, I try to follow the principle of least privilege (minimal privilege). Therefore, in the systems I install, I block all incoming and outgoing ports by default and open only when needed. While setting up Oracle XE … Continue reading

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Ansible Quirks – 3

I was running some playbook today and realise that the command line arguments of ansible-playbook do not behaves expected. My playbook has the following defined – remote_user: root When I issued the following command, my expectation was that the remote … Continue reading

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Quantum Mechanics And Consciousness – A relation established

In the beginning there was classical mechanics propounding the corpuscular theory of matter and describing the motion of bodies under the influence of a system of forces. But this classical mechanics fails to describe the motion of sub-atomic particles and then Quantum … Continue reading

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On The Origin of The Universe and Consciousness

Man has always been a curious creature. This curiosity has led to various questions and which in turn have led to answers in the form of discoveries. One of the thought which has always occupied the human beings is the … Continue reading

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Ansible Quirks – 2

Today I tried to upgrade my ansible to 2.2 as I wanted to use the remote_src=yes feature from the unarchive module. My operating system on this machine is Linux Mint 17.3. I did – $ pip install –upgrade –user ansible … Continue reading

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