Solaris10 on VirtualBox

I installed Solaris10 11/06 on VirtualBox 1.5.6 OSE. The first problem immediately after installation I faced was that of mouse not being captured by virtual machine. So I open a terminal window and start the vold and then ran the volcheck command.

/etc/init.d/volmgt start

The mouse started working after this. The reason for this I guess is because I did not had the mouse inside the virtual machine while booting. I need to confirm this.

Moving the home directory of root from / to /root:

Changing the home directory of root using “usermod” command does not work as the root user is logged in. So edit the /etc/passwd file and change root’s home directory to /root. Logout and login again. After that remove all the /.* files and /Desktop directory.

vi /etc/passwd
rm -rf /.*pwd
rm -rf /Desktop

Installing third-party tools

Next I need to install third party tools in the virtual machine. I downloaded the “pkg-get” as:

pkgadd -d

Next I downloaded the static version of the wget utility using mozilla from and renamed it as wget.
Next I put the directory containing the wget utility and the /opt/csw/bin directory in default PATH. The first thing installed was wget itself, so that I can get rid of the static version.

pkg-get install wget

Patch check advanced is a utility which I installed next to apply patches to the operating system.

pkg-get install pca

The gnupg program was needed to verify the signatures on the catalogue files. This can be installed as:

pkg-get install gnupg

To install the gpg key of the blastwave repository use the following commands:

wget --output-document=/tmp/gpg.key
gpg --import /tmp/gpg.key
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