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Locale Problems in Debian and Ubuntu

Recently I have been facing some issues with locales in Debian and Ubuntu based Xen based virtual servers. These typically appear while running the man command and apt-get or dpkg commands.

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Configuring ALSA On Debian Sarge

I needed to configure ALSA on Sarge because I wanted to use Ekiga Softphone and although it supports OSS but the support is not good. It was fairly straight forward process to do that: ajitabhp@fimbles:~$ sudo apt-get install libesd-alsa0 \ … Continue reading

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Backporting Ekiga Softphone

Since I use apt-pinning it was quite easy for me to install Ekiga from the backports. The first thing which I needed to do was to configure ALSA on sarge. Next I just installed Ekiga as: ajitabhp@fimbles:~$ sudo apt-get install … Continue reading

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Filesystem in User Space

Setting up sshfs In order to setup sshfs on a debian system, I needed to install the sshfs packages: sudo apt-get install sshfs fuse-source module-assistant kernel-headers-2.6 sudo module-assistant build fuse sudo module-assistant install fuse While building the fuse module I … Continue reading

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Apt Pinning

I normally stick with Debian Stable on my laptop. But atleast there was one package which I needed out of testing or unstable, git. So I thought of using the Debian backports repository. I followed the instructions to use the … Continue reading

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