On Sabayon 5 now

Last night installed Sabayon 5 amd64 on my laptop. All went fine except when I tried to do an update. I did the following as suggested in the Sabayon wiki:

$ sudo equo update
$ sudo equo update --force
$ sudo equo upgrade --ask

I was shown a long list of around 700+ packages which I started updating. After I was done, I executed the following and rebooted afterwards.

$ sudo equo conf update

Upon logging in to the newly updated system, I was surprised with ‘wicd’ asking me for a root password and then stating that its having a DBus error. So I connected the ethernet cable and a bit of search on the net (using Yahoo search engine) pointed me that I need to add wicd to startup at boot, which I achieved using the following:

$ sudo rc-update add wicd boot

I next rebooted, but still no joy. I was this time getting a message “BAD PASSWORD”. I was pretty sure that my password was correct. Again I spent some time on searching the internet using ethernet cable and finally found that a new version of knetworkmanager was in the entropy, so I decided to switch to it and remove the wicd.

$ sudo equo remove wicd
$ sudo equo install knetworkmanager

This was smooth and all started working well.

This does not mean that there is a problem with wicd. There are lots of people who had problem with knetworkmanager and have switched to wicd. This is the prime reason that sabayon guys have perhaps included wicd into the distribution. But the point which I am not able to understand is that why they changed my functional knetworkmanager during update to wicd?

Anyways, all izz well that ends well. I am writing this post from wire.

Oh!! and I have not rebooted yet. Ok let me reboot after this post and see if all remains well or not. Obviously you will see something either here or on twitter if all is not well. 😉

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