Relocating to India

Finally I am relocating to India. I was thinking about it from quite sometime but obviously it was a difficult decision. I finally decided when I got a very good offer from ITC Infotech India Ltd. My resignation on 22nd December 2006 came as a surprise to colleagues and managers in office. But I was firm on my decision. I was asked to give more notice on the basis that this is christmas period and it will be difficult to find a replacement so soon. But I stood firm. After all, my contract of employment says only one month notice is required and ofcourse I was not getting more period from my new employers.

Its become quite hectic after that, cancelling contracts, selling mobile phones at throw-away prices as they were locked to a UK network and unlocking softwares were not in market for them. Good things is that ITC is paying for all my travel and cargo expenses as per actuals as per their relocation policy. I dont have many things to take, but still this means that I dont have to sell my TV and computer. I am still trying to find out a good door-to-door cargo deal.

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