Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer

Best Kept Secret Book CoverThis is the third book in The Clifton Chronicles series. The story continues from where it left off. I am highly impressed by the way the plot is taking the turn. The author is really a brilliant story teller. Also in this series there is a quite lot to learn about the British culture around the 2nd world war era. Harry Clifton and Emma Barrington are now getting older and Sebastian Clifton has started appearing in this book now.

The book ended at a very critical juncture and it will be interesting to read the next part to find out what happened to Sebastian and his friend Bruno.

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Pacific Vortex! by Clive Cussler

Pacific Vortex Book CoverI have read this kind of a book – book based on the cold war era, after a very long time.

A US nuclear submarine under testing got lost in a area in Pacific ocean called, Pacific Vortex. This book is about finding that submarine.

The character of Summer was somewhat filled with contradiction – on one hand she saves Dirk Pitt from her father and on the other she joins her father in a certain death situation.

This is the first book which I have read in the Dirk Pitt Series. Looking forward to the other books.

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The Old Man and His God by Sudha Murthy

The Old Man and His God Book CoverThis book is a collection of real life incidents by Sudha Murthy. Some of the incidents mentioned in this book really made you think about various aspects of life.

We all meet various characters in real life but most of us just choose to ignore and continue. The author has penned these experiences, this clearly indicates how carefully she has thought of these events.

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Blindsight by Robin Cook

Blindsight Book CoverThis book is a little slow in progression and the author has successfully maintained the mystery for around 75% of the book. The plot is not unique, but the involvement of Mafia and drugs in this plot is done in a very good way. We could see a similar plot in one of the other books by Robin Cook – Coma, albeit in a different way. It looks like people can go to any length for meeting the demand and supply curve in the organ transplant ‘business’.

The story revolves around the drug overdose related deaths of upscale people in good professions. And then there were many homicides Queens area. The young pathologist Laurie Montgomery found a pattern and initiated an investigation on her own which got her fired from the job, and made her run for her life.

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Coma by Robin Cook

Coma Book CoverThe book starts off well and it was looking real good and had me excited as to what is coming up next. However, over the next few pages and then the rest of the book, it was looking like quite a few missing places.
For example, a third year medical student, first day in the surgery and just by looking at a young coma patient she got so disturbed that she started raising questions on the capabilities of the doctors treating her, asking questions about what medications are being given etc etc. Perhaps the character was extra emotional, but that is not a good sign for a doctor. A doctor is supposed to be emotionally detached from their patient, else they may not treat them well. Next, undertaking an private investigation into the reasons of coma, all by herself and going to extremes such as posing as a nurse, getting computer data by faking the request form, and then climbing on the roof top of operation theatre to find out not sure what.
However, it was a decent read, even  though there were some loose points. Also it gave an insight into hospital politics.

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