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Raspberry Pi Wireless Device Power Off

I use my device as headless as a home server and as a jump box. From past quite some time I was noticing that my Raspberry Pi was not accessible over the network after some period of in-activity. And since it … Continue reading

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Build An MP3 Catalogue System With Perl – Basics

My mp3 collection was increasing and I wanted to build a catalogue for the same. There are various steps in having even a simple catalogue system. In this post and a few posts that will follow, I will be explaining … Continue reading

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Setting up a Git Repository on A Remote Server

Git is a wonderful distributed version control system and we can have a personal repository quickly set up without any technical difficulties. However at times we may need to work on shared development model where multiple people need commit access … Continue reading

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Time-zone Setting in Linux and BSDs from Shell

Often the default time-zone in a linux and bsd system does not match our preferences. On a system which we have installed ourself, we may have selected the appropriate time-zone during installation, but as systems administrators we often get our … Continue reading

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FreeBSD 9.1 on Thinkpad T420

Very recently I was thinking of trying FreeBSD operating system on a laptop as a desktop system. FreeBSD is an excellent UNIX class of operating systems primarily used as a server on internet. Among other things the operating system posses … Continue reading

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