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OSX Screenshots tips

Changing location to store screenshot The default place where screenshots are saved in OSX is the Desktop. For people (like me), who would like to keep their desktops nice and clean and a little organised, we can change the location … Continue reading

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Huawei E303c as Modem on Raspberry Pi

I have a Huawei E303c USB modem, which I wanted to use with my Raspberry Pi so that I can connect my Pi to the Internet and run my local server. Now why would I want to do that when … Continue reading

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Installing Oracle Instant Client for Mac OSX

I came across few links for installing Oracle Instant Client on Mac OS X namely – this and this. But I don’t like to tinker with the System paths while installing any s/w manually. I did the same with perl … Continue reading

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Expanding HardDisk of VirtualBox Guest

VirtualBox is a beautiful piece of virtualisation software created for users, first acquired by Sun and then by Oracle as a part of Sun acquisition. I have been using VirtualBox for quite a few testing projects, however until today have … Continue reading

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Kurukshetra by Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’

Kurukshetra is a poetic description of the analysis and after effects of a war. The poet has taken the Bhishma – Yudhishthir dialogue after the Mahabharat war was over in order to explain the effects of war. After the war … Continue reading

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