Coma by Robin Cook

Coma Book CoverThe book starts off well and it was looking real good and had me excited as to what is coming up next. However, over the next few pages and then the rest of the book, it was looking like quite a few missing places.
For example, a third year medical student, first day in the surgery and just by looking at a young coma patient she got so disturbed that she started raising questions on the capabilities of the doctors treating her, asking questions about what medications are being given etc etc. Perhaps the character was extra emotional, but that is not a good sign for a doctor. A doctor is supposed to be emotionally detached from their patient, else they may not treat them well. Next, undertaking an private investigation into the reasons of coma, all by herself and going to extremes such as posing as a nurse, getting computer data by faking the request form, and then climbing on the roof top of operation theatre to find out not sure what.
However, it was a decent read, even  though there were some loose points. Also it gave an insight into hospital politics.

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Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves by Matthew Reilly

Scarecrow And The Army Of Thieves Book CoverThe latest action in the Scarecrow series. Another very fast and rapidly moving novel by Matthew Reilly. This book has many new scientific research and a robot to help Scarecrow achieve his objective. While he is helped by his old friend David Fairfax, ‘Mother’ fights along with him. Unlike other books, this books has quite some details of torture techniques and also introduces us to a new villain, who escaped by the end of this book, so we may see him again.

Highly recommended read for fast paced action fans.

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Hell Island by Matthew Reilly

Hell Island Book CoverHell Island is a short novel of about 108 pages by Matthew Reilly. The book is moving so fast that I was not able to resist finishing it one go in an hours time. I just don’t want to disclose the plot else it will ruin the reading experience of anybody reading this novel.

Very simple writing style, no unnecessary details, no heroics, just plain action and adaptability. A must read of every thriller fan.

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Ice Station by Matthew Reilly

Ice Station Book CoverThis is an excellent thriller, a very fast pacing book. Once started it will be difficult to leave it unfinished. What strange things happen in Antarctic. A classic battle between outnumbered Marines, SAS, French Commandos, Seals, fighters, stealths, nuclear missile, traitors and what else is not there in this book.

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Wise and Otherwise by Sudha Murthy

Wise and Otherwise Book CoverThis book is a memoir and it contains 51 different experiences penned by Sudha Murthy. These experiences are from her engagement with the Infosys Foundation and her interaction with various people at various places. Some of the experiences really make you think about how complex we have made our lives and still we are chasing the unknown.

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